Chisel Away

tailleur-de-pierreWe are all aware of how difficult life can be. We can all admit we’ve had some “not so pretty” moments (I know I’ve had my fair share), and in a world so very quick to judge – we often put labels on ourselves and others. We tear each other and ourselves down so often that we don’t realize that we have taken those labels and allow them to be who we are. We resign to being: messy, late, frustrated, cranky, a people pleaser or maybe even insecure. These are all things that break us down rather than build us up. However, these labels only stick if we allow them to. We need to let go and give these labels to God. He sees beyond what is, to all that we can be in Him if we only just surrender. What we see as broken, He sees as beautiful. Allow Him to chisel away at you, crafting you to be the beloved child of His that you are! It is beautiful when the Master chisels. So, in the next “not so pretty” moments, turn to Him and say “Chisel away O Lord, take me and make me into the beautiful masterpiece you intended for me to be.”

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