Hidden Treasure

treasure“…My heart stands in awe of Your word. I rejoice at Your word as one who finds great treasure.” (Psalm 119:161-162)

Years ago the kids in our little community spent a lot of time at the creek, or crick, as we called it. The main branch ran east to west just below our neighborhood and in the younger years that was the hangout. We caught minnows, flipped rocks to find salamanders, and if feeling a bit brave looked for snakes. Eventually, we traveled farther from home to the crick on our neighbor’s farm. It ran between hills and fields north to south and joined up with the main body in the valley. We knew all the good “finding stuff” spots in the cricks including the twists and bends and depths. Or at least we thought we did. One day someone pointed to a little trickle stream that ran down a hill to our north to south crick on the farm. “Let’s go up there and check it out.” Why we hadn’t before, I don’t know, but off we went. Over hill and dale, through forest and glade traversed the lads.

“Whoa!!!” That came from the first kid upon the scene. He was soon joined by a chorus of “Whoa’s!!!” as we gathered. We had found the reason for the trickle of this tributary. There before us lay a small dam which formed a small pond and swimming to and fro were several beautiful goldfish. We just sat down and stared. We marveled at this hidden treasure. How long had this picture-perfect scene in the woods been there? Who made it? We were indeed awe-struck. In fact, when I went home I convinced my mom she needed to see the treasure we had discovered hidden on the back side of the farm. So my dear mom went over hill and dale, through forest and glade until we stood at the pond. She agreed it was a special place.

You know, God’s Word is a treasure. For many, it’s a treasure for which they have never looked. Others know the “cricks” and the right finding stuff spots, the twists, bends, and depths, but even for them, there is still unfound hidden treasure. Like us boys decades back, we knew about the trickling stream but left it unexplored. Hey, here is a challenge for us: Set off over hill and dale, forest and glade and maybe find treasure in Ecclesiastes or Habakkuk. How about Colossians or if you have been shy take the leap into the book of Revelation.

Think about where you haven’t done much exploring, head off, find His treasure and start digging. And guaranteed – your heart will stand in awe of His Word. And you will come “to the knowledge of the mystery of God, both of the Father and of Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” (Colossians 2:2-3)

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