What is Truth?

IMG_1036With the recent flood of false claims, I think it’s now critical for us to ask ourselves and others: What is Truth? Is it objective, subjective…both? While Rachel Dolezal might sympathize and identify with the experiences of the black community, there are things about her (in addition to her genetics) that prevent her from truly being black: she was raised as a white child by white parents in a white community with reliable economic support. She is a white woman who identifies with the black community. She is NOT black – she either lied or is delusional. Similarly, Bruce Jenner is a man who identifies as a woman – surgery will never completely change that.

Truth is reliable information about that which exists.

• Truth includes the laws of logic – principles on which coherent thought depends.

• Truth includes the laws of math and science – principles on which the existence of the physical world depends.

• Truth includes the principles on which healthy (not harmful) relationships depend.

• Truth includes the principles on which a healthy society depends.

• Truth can be denied; but, it is something that will always exist.

• Truth can be objectively proven.

• Truth is reliable.

• Truth is consistent.

Truth, like Life, proceeds from God.

The Roman Procurator, Pontius Pilate, once asked the question to the very face of Truth: “What is truth?” Did he ask with a despondent desire to know, a dismissive insult or doubtful indifference? We do not know. Our postmodern world has taken it a step further and outright denies truth can be known.

Nevertheless, just as Truth stood before Pilate yesterday, Truth stands today, tomorrow and be assured, Truth will stand forever.

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