Memorial Day

us-soldiers-dead-fallujahWe are observing another Memorial Day. As a people, we remember and pay honor to all those who have served our great country. We salute those who gave all. Cliche, yes, but true also: “Freedom is not free.” It requires an enormous sacrifice, the costs incalculable.

We as a people may not always agree on when to go to war. We may strongly disagree with our government leading us into a conflict or keeping us there. However, whatever the circumstance might be those who put on the uniform march forth for an ideal. The ideal is freedom and liberty. Our founders fought against the tyranny of monarchies. We have fought to preserve the Union and to end the horrible institution of slavery. We have stormed beaches and fought from hedgerow to the jungle to desert defeating fascism, imperialism, communism and Islamism. Our best have died and been wounded and held prisoner by the thousands and thousands to maintain our freedom and provide the same for others around the globe.

This Memorial Day finds our nation once again in another difficult place. We are a very divided kingdom. What happens to divided kingdoms? They fall. Jesus told us that. The divisions seem to have many seams, but I believe there is only one fault line on the ground, one line in the sand: The Kingdom of Light versus the kingdom of Darkness. The first is a realm of freedom and liberty. The second is a realm of bondage and tyranny. It would seem every citizen would choose the first, but that is far from reality. Many of our secular neighbors want God (the Source of unalienable rights) out of here. In large part, He has obliged them. But freedom and liberty always leave town as well, and into the vacuum always comes an ever growing STATE (the faux source of rights) and political correctness and bondage and tyranny.

So here we are once again placing little flags on the graves of those who gave their lives for freedom and liberty. GAVE THEIR LIVES! Stop and think about that. And all the while many who claim membership in the kingdom of Light side with those who have worked tirelessly to expel the Most High, and bring us ever growing bondage and tyranny. The disconnect occurs because of a little (big) thing called – world view. Do we have a Biblical worldview? Do you have a biblical worldview? Do I? Do the 70% of our fellow citizens that claim to be Christians? Yes??? Then why isn’t that manifesting itself in the voting booth and our actions and conversations within our culture? Somebody keeps dropping the ball – let’s be sure it isn’t me or you.

We rightly pay homage to those who have served, fought, and even died for liberty and freedom, yet at the very same time we are so easily casting these things away. I wonder what future generations will say about us and our times? What will they place on our graves if anything? Will there even be a Memorial Day?

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