e8f3ca585a2baaa82b4ff1802a0e0a21Spring is the time of year I am obsessed with signs. You know, the signs that spring is here or real close to making an appearance.

The daylight lasts longer – Sign.
The trees and flowers are budding – Sign.
The warmer days here and there – Sign.
The Dairy Queens start opening up – Sign.
The spring training baseball games – Sign.
The college basketball tournaments – Sign.

But for me the ultimate and necessary sure sign that spring will indeed return and is just on the doorstep – the robins! I saw my first a week ago. Other people had already seen them, but until I see one, spring just may not come, and winter just may not end! Thank God for robins and spring and signs!

The Bible tells us of the signs of the end times. The prophets speak a good deal about the end times. Jesus gave quite a sermon on the last days in the book of Matthew. The book of Revelation spells it out in great detail. In fact, there are over 100 chapters in the Bible that have the end times as their central theme. Something tells me God thinks our knowing about the end times is important. What are some of the signs of the end times?

The nation of Israel is reformed after nearly 2000 years – Sign.
The one-world global system is moving full steam ahead – Sign.
The astounding ease of deceivers to deceive the multitudes – Sign.
The moral bankruptcy seen as normal like in Noah’s day – Sign.
The increasing apostasy in the church, decreasing its influence – Sign.
The rapid rise in knowledge and wide proclamation of the Gospel – Sign.

Signs. If we know the signs of the coming seasons and a myriad of signs concerning other issues in everyday life – we should indeed know the signs of the end times.

Let’s face it, spring was coming whether I saw a robin or not and the appointed time of the end is coming as well. Are you ready?

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