Real Divide – Part 3

Is-the-Bible-the-word-of-GodWhat is the real divide in the church?

When one views the Bible as merely written by men; when one believes as we evolve, what God has said evolves as well – then the same one can indeed conclude evolvement continues still, and what God has revealed, once and for all – “Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven.” Psalm 119:89 – is instead, a wisp and a whim. As we change – the word of God and its meaning changes with us. For this reason, the Bible is putty in our hands molded and shaped as we see fit. Yesterday it was formed in this way, today another way, tomorrow yet another. Christendom is full of such people who think this way and act accordingly. They become the potter, and God becomes the clay. There is the real divide, folks!

In the light of this, here would be but one of the many examples of how they routinely approach and process the word of God:
“Do you believe Jesus is your Savior?” you ask them.
“Oh, yes, of course!” they respond.
“Do you believe Jesus is the only way to salvation?” you ask.
“Oh, no, of course not!” they respond.
“Okay, so do you accept John 3:16 as true?” you ask them.
“Absolutely!” they respond.
“Okay, so do you accept John 14:6 as true?” you ask.
“Absolutely not!” they respond.
“Okay, how do you reconcile the first passage as true – even staking your eternity on it – but just a few pages later, in the same book, under the same name, see that passage as false?” you ask them.
“Well, the first one sounds inclusive and nice, and the second one sounds exclusive and not very nice. This John person must have been having a bad day when he wrote that second,” they respond.
You then turn completely around several times like a top before collapsing in the presence of such mush.

Seriously though, there are folks, probably a lot of folks, who have initially responded to the Gospel, but are not entirely aware of the foundational truth that the WORD of GOD is the foundational truth. In this case, we tell them and show them that this is so. These people will be teachable and open to learning. From there they can come to the full knowledge and experience of salvation through Jesus Christ. Here, the truth unifies.

However, there are folks, a lot of folks that seem to have initially responded to the Gospel, but don’t care about any truth but that of their making. Like kindergartners, they like putty. No absolutes in their world, thank you very much! They refuse the Potter’s wheel, insisting on the Potter’s seat instead. In this case, we tell them and show them the truth. When they reject it, we should never compromise with them for the sake of unity. Here, the truth divides.

Now do you see why I questioned what the missionary and the pastor/singer were referring to when they talked about unity? (Part 1) We are called to be humble and gentle and patient with one another. We are to bear with one another in love and endeavor to have unity in the Spirit. These are essentials to our unity but cannot be permitted to trample the other essentials underfoot. We can strive to do all these things as we should, but never at the expense of this foundational truth – God’s Word is GOD’S WORD! His Word is to mold and make and change us. Across the divide, are those who think it acceptable to mold and make and change His Word.

There is a line in the sand. It is becoming clearer and clearer, straighter and straighter every end day by every end day. Which side of the real divide can you be found?

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