Have You Ever Been Locked Out?

locked_outWe all have at least one experience when we’ve been locked out of something. Over the years I have been locked out of our home and out of my car. Recently on vacation we rented a cabin in Utah. My wife and I went out on the deck to observe the night sky. You guessed it – we locked ourselves out at 10 PM. Fortunately we only had to wait about a half hour when our son and daughter-in-law returned to get back inside. In every case there is an immediate sense of panic. But once the door is closed you’re outside and can’t get in, a pretty helpless condition.

Jesus told a parable about ten virgins, five foolish and five wise, who were waiting for the bridegroom to come for his bride. The Jewish wedding custom was that when the bride was betrothed there was a considerable amount of time between the betrothal and the marriage, around one year. The groom would depart after the betrothal to build a house for his bride to be. When the home was prepared the groom would return with a shout to let her know that he was coming. A procession would follow the couple through the streets.

The foolish virgins were unprepared. Since it was night-time they failed to have sufficient oil for their lamps. The Scripture explains, “those who were ready went in with him to the wedding and the door was shut.” (Matt 25:10) The foolish virgins returned crying out, “Lord, Lord open to us!” But the answer came, “Assuredly, I say to you, I do not know you.” (25:11,12)

The point of the parable is that you need to be ready to enter His kingdom. Being ready is acknowledging that you are a sinner and trusting in God that His Son Jesus, the God-Man, paid the price on the cross through the shedding of His blood and rose from the dead to impart spiritual life to you. The wise virgins picture those who are saved. The foolish are the unbelieving for they have failed to trust in God and His Son.

We experience situations now where we’re locked out temporarily. However, when the Master shuts the door to His kingdom, those who are not ready will be locked out forever.

Are you ready? What group are you in – the wise or the foolish? Don’t be locked out! For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.(Romans 6:23)

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