“Imagine” – No Diversity

0e26e5937d263c4fa090235700985926Last time we imagined with the late John Lennon and his current fellow dreamers a world with no possessions. In their view, that equates to a world with no need for greed and everyone has the same amount of stuff they… don’t actually…have…I guess??? And as a result, we finish the classic song with: “A brotherhood of man/ Imagine all the people/ Sharing all the world …” Ahh, where to begin…

Well, the first thing we can hope for is John’s not including any toddlers in the brotherhood sharing thingy. Because we all know how that works out in the playroom. Just a small something to think about – why do the most innocent little humans have to be taught to be good? To share? When did any of us have to be taught to be not good? To not share? Why needed instruction in the art of being good and sharing in the first place? Prop two slobbering tiny tots up on a couch and throw a squeaky toy in their midst and go ahead and “imagine all the people sharing all the world.” You see the dreamer’s dreams require an inherent goodness in mankind. But is that what we see? Is that reality? Not at all! We are born Adamites, and hence “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; Who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9) In fact, another song, the late 60’s classic salute to rebellion, “Born to be Wild” is much closer to the truth.

Therein is the broken foundation that has been laid by those who say, “Come let us build ourselves a city and a tower…” They begin with the erroneous belief that mankind is inherently good and all that is needed is selfless sharing to transform the planet into paradise. That is why their buildings are always crooked. One falsity is built upon another. Their utopian vision of a “We are the World” life on this earth has had a violent collision with the real world every time it has been attempted. Violent as in millions and millions of people murdered for the sake of engineering “a brotherhood of man.”

Someone commented on this series saying John Lennon had Rodney King theology – “why can’t we all just get along?” Our Adam genes are one reason. Another is that God has made a world of diversity. The cosmos, landscapes, plants, animals, snowflakes and people and so on are marvelous displays of the creativity and diverse artwork of the Master. The crowning glory of creation – mankind – was given free will. We’re free agents so to speak. Added to that freedom are a bevy of diverse gifts and talents and temperaments and attributes meant to be used for the purposes and plans of our Creator. We are unique individuals.

See the dilemma for the disciples of one worldism? For their version of Eden everyone must think, act and be the same. It’s all about group mentality overcoming individuality. Remember the potato patch from last time? If Joe is more intelligent, more capable, more talented, more gifted than Bob, Joe’s attributes have to be suppressed so he’s not ahead of Bob. And the extra potatoes Joe has attained because of his capability will need to be divided with Bob. HEY, IT IS ONLY FAIR! Do you want Bob to feel bad? And If Joe doesn’t agree? Ultimately, Joe will get a bullet behind his ear. Even Bob could have a problem if he’s really not contributing enough potatoes to the “brotherhood of man.” Ultimately, Bob might end up on a date with a bullet as well.

Again, do I have to make any of this up? Am I way off base? The past bears it out. The present bears it out. And the Bible assures us the future will as well. People are so easily deceived by these “imagine all the people sharing all the world” anti-Christ Tower of Babblers. This has and is ruining us politically, economically, socially, and most importantly – spiritually.

Folks, Adam’s DNA and God’s diverse design of the individual prevent John Lennon and his sort’s imaginations from ever being successful. It just kills and it just steals from their one-of-a-kind fellow human beings. Are you and I speaking God’s truth to these destructive and deadly lies?

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