“Imagine” – Dreamers

0e26e5937d263c4fa090235700985926In 1971 John Lennon sat down at his white grand piano and wrote the classic song “Imagine.” It is a song about faith – faith in the power of mankind to unite in a common purpose and remake and change the world. John would later admit that his hymn was “virtually the Communist Manifesto.”

On a web site where people were chatting about this song, one encouraged the others to read the Communist Manifesto. He felt it to be a beautiful document with the best ultimate course laid out for life on our planet. However, to his credit, he also pointed out that it was a futile plan. People are too selfish, he concluded. I would say that people are too filled-to-the-brim-with-sin. Nevertheless, Mr. Lennon’s song remains a stirring anthem for all the “dreamers” out there.

In the introduction to this series we asked, “So, who are these dreamers? With the song’s invitation to join us, just who are us? The us are those who dream of a one world system with absolute equality for all. This obviously requires the confiscation of wealth and goods from some people and the redistribution of that wealth and goods to others. People who have an abundance of wealth and goods can hand them over willingly or it will be taken from them by force. This is seen as acceptable with the ends justifying the means.

The leaders of one worldism covet power and control over others and the followers seem to have a fetish-like desire to be controlled. They always promise utopia and then deliver murderous totalitarianism. We have seen this throughout the 20th century and unfortunately still today under the umbrella of Marxism, Communism and Socialism. Though complex in definition and structure these political, economic, and social systems simply mean – bondage. The unique individuals that God made each of us to be must be suppressed and then sacrificed for the whole, for the group. With this comes allegiance not to God, but rather to the State, and again, either willingly or by force.

Here in America we are ever moving to becoming Amerika and the sheep are asleep in the fold. Many people don’t seem to be aware of the second American Revolution, and the fact that we lost. The first revolution was fought to end English tyranny, the second to begin the umbrella of tyranny mentioned above. The second revolution was mainly fought in the 1960’s as the counter-culture crowd (becoming the secular left) sought to be rid of Christianity, the Constitution and Capitalism. It was upon these three entities that this great country was built – that and the blood of the patriots.

The dreamers, the us, are now entrenched in our educational system, (especially at the university level), our media, entertainment industry, liberal churches, and throughout the government all the way up to and including the White House. The goal? One world – and the world as one cannot have a free, independent and prosperous super power. A level playing field is needed and it is being leveled step by step. A few sheep have awakened, but one has to wonder if it is too few and too late. I believe it is too few and too late, but right on God’s time – the end times. Nevertheless, we’re to be “redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” (Ephesians 5:16)

The dreamers they dream of an Eden-like utopia, a Tower of Babel “whose top is in the heavens.” Man will lead us there, they promise. But the only way to the promise is by way of the Cross. The fact is – the dreamer’s dream is a nightmare.

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