His Vision – Part 1

Vision550x250A few years back we went to the Pirates home opener, and I must say, my first visit to PNC Park definitely impressed me. It was a picture perfect day. We sat up high in the club box section just to the first base side of home plate. The city, the river, the bridges, the green grass were all lit up with golden sunshine. They had a fly over by four jets as the national anthem ended. Very inspirational! The Goodyear blimp floated about doing whatever blimps do. Except for a certain home team’s performance we spent the day bombarded with rapturous visions.

Nevertheless, from our vantage point we only saw these things from a distance. The landmarks were way over yonder. The player’s faces weren’t quite distinguishable. The ball bouncing into the outfield had the semblance of a white pinhead. Obviously, the people sitting higher up could see even less details. The pilots in those jets and the hovering airship, at least with the naked eye, weren’t observing too many specific features either. The higher up the more you could see, but in reality, the less you could really see.

God wants us to really see. We are called to have His vision. He sees things from far off and yet, “there is no creature hidden from His sight, but all things are naked and open to the eyes of Him to whom we give account.” (Hebrews 4:13) God sees far and right up close. Do we? Do we really see? Do we have His vision? Where are we – perhaps way up in one of those life-in-the-fast-lane jets or maybe couch-potato-comfortable in the slow lazy blimp? Are we content with peanut heaven or do we want front row box seats? God wants us to see not only the seams on the ball as it zips towards home plate, but the inscription and the rotation.

When we look from far off are we seeing life the way God does? When we look from up close are we seeing life the way God does? Why yes we do; every Sunday morning we congregate and put on our Jesus glasses and we see near and far just like He does. What about the rest of the week? Whose glasses are we wearing the rest of the week?

More on this next time.

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