Choose What?

thCAFKZ8LZWe made the point previously that God has given us choice. Choice is a precious life-animating gift from God. Nevertheless, He does not cast choice willy-nilly in the air and allow the wind to sweep it like confetti. He has made it perfectly clear that choice comes with consequences – good or bad, blessings or curses, life or death. We must realize and accept that God alone gives definition to good or bad, blessings or curses, life or death. We do not determine the definition. And that in turn makes choice a heavy responsibility. A sacred responsibility.

At the center of the abortion debate is the woman’s “right to choose.” Choose what? Hasn’t the point of legitimate choice already expired? She is carrying a human being in her womb, not a grapefruit. The appropriate time to make her choice was before sexual relations occurred, not at the point that innocent life must be snuffed out. If the abortion of a baby, the most innocent human being among us, is not premeditated murder – what is? Enlighten me.

I have debated with folks who claim it is not a baby, it’s a fetus. Fetus is Latin for unborn child. Then there is “we do not know when life begins” and how dated is that argument in light of the fact science has made possible a veritable window into the womb. One of my favorites is “you cannot legislate morality.” I beg my adversaries not to use that because it just destroys all their credibility. All legislation has morality involved in it somewhere for goodness sake. What they really mean is you cannot legislate sex. But unless I am missing something, I don’t think there is a lot of sex happening in abortion clinics. What does abortion – the slicing, dicing, dismemberment and death of a little human being have to do with sex?

The culture in which we live has numerous issues that captivate and inspire people to choose between the north and south and east and west. The Lord’s salt and light (that be us) should be sprinkled and shone on all these things and on all these choices. We should be engaging with our culture on the many issues of life from a Biblical worldview regardless of political correctness having no stomach for it.

Abortion is a tragic result and murderous consequence of inappropriate behavior and bad choices. Christians need to sprinkle and shine on the proper boundaries of sexual expression. We need to sprinkle and shine on life itself – and that it begins before conception in the mind and heart of God Himself. Indeed, we need to share the truths entrusted to us that will transform the world around us. But are we?

We are Christ(ins) and that is a heavy responsibility – a sacred responsibility.

Next time: Conversations

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