True Colors

richard_becker_wtplWe’re having a beautiful fall this year. The leaves have a brilliance not seen the last few years. Living in a valley tucked within a rim of hills sure makes looking unto the hills an extra special exercise. You know, I lived for a long time before really grasping that the true color of leaves are not green. In fact, it is in autumn that the real tincture of the forests and glades is displayed. While many factors influence the hues of fall, like the health of the trees, the amount of sunlight received, available moisture, temperature and so on, the biggest factor is the species of the trees. Each species has its own genetic palette of possible colors.

I don’t know about you but the fall season always takes me on a winding ride turning one way to pensive melancholy, then another to breathless joy. There is something about this time of year that seems to heighten my sense of the spiritual. You too? Perhaps it’s the forceful draw of designed nature bursting everywhere like fireworks alighting a summer night sky. Or maybe the overcast grayness of some days that speak reminders to the soul of summers gone and our lifetimes passing by as well. There comes a staring in the looking glass that tells us where we’ve been, where we’re going, and who we really are.

For me I see too many of my days colored by the flesh and I’m cloudy and gray and brown and dull. When walking in the spirit my genetic palette has mellow yellow and muted rust that helps accent those in the kingdom who are bold gold’s, burnt oranges and fiery red’s. It is more than obvious to me that I need to color my world to honor God and influence man. What about you? What are your true colors?

It is beyond sad to think of so many people that God has wonderfully made whose lives never express the true colors He put in them. Apart from the redemption and regeneration found only in Christ Jesus, they live their life in overcast gray and they die in the same. It’s a sobering thought. And one that ought to sober up those of us who are in Christ; that we make sure His true colors put in us can be seen.

It is something to think about when perusing the fall foliage: “Who are we when the green is gone and we’re left with our true colors?”

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