How many times do you circle the block?

doughnutsThis morning as I was heading for the grocery store the preacher on the radio used an interesting analogy concerning our daily struggle. He spoke of a man that had over come a donut habit. However on one particular day he had a strong urge for a donut. He prayed about it and asked the Lord to supply a parking place in front of the bakery as an indication that it was all right for him to partake. Well after his fourteenth time around the block a parking place finally opened up!

I think we often times toy with sin in our lives like this. We revisit the same temptation over and over until we easily yield to it. And in our minds we blame everything under the sun except ourselves. We choose to sin, but that is something we do not readily desire to admit.

David is the best–known illustration. He went out on the roof one evening and saw a very beautiful woman bathing. Next he sent and inquired about the woman. Then he sent messengers and took her and lay with her. (II Sam 11) Was he not familiar with the fifth commandment, “You shall not commit adultery?” He was. Did not God give him a way of escape? He did. But he went around the block in his mind enough times until the parking place became vacant in front of the bakery.

Like David we often times dwell on the temptations of life. Oh, most of them seem much less significant than that of David’s. At least that is what your mind is telling you right now. Sins have varying degrees of consequences, but they are sins nonetheless. God wants us to deal with them.

How will you deal with yours this week? Will you just keep going around the block till you get what you want? Or will you begin to “lay aside every weight and sin that ensnares …and run with endurance the race that is set before us?” (Heb 12:1)

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