A Disciple-Making Church

gomakedisciplestnWhen the church began (Acts 2), they understood their purpose was to make disciples – Matthew 28:19-20. They had been the product of a disciple-making ministry and they understood what they had been commissioned to do. They had been commissioned to cooperate with God in accomplishing His will on earth – making disciples – working with God to restore humanity to Himself and help become the functional creatures He created them to be. It is only as we are wrapped up in a relationship with God (2 Peter 3:9), and accomplishing the works that we were created for (Ephesians 2:10) – it is then, and only then, that we are functional in our created purposes. It is then that our life will bear much fruit and glorify God. – John 15:8.

With that disciple-making purpose clearly in mind, the first church made five uncompromising commitments: a commitment to the Word – Acts 2:42, a commitment to prayer – Acts 2:42, a commitment to praise and worship – Acts 2:43,47, a commitment to one another – Acts 2:42,44,46, and a commitment to outreach – Acts 2:45-47.

All five commitments were the outworking of a tangible love for God. The outworking of the greatest command… “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind…” – Matthew 22:37 and certainly the last two were a tangible commitment to the 2nd greatest command… “You shall love your neighbor as yourself…” – Matthew 22:39.

Over the last few years, Calvary Baptist has grown in understanding our purpose and in each of these five commitments. Ministry teams were created, designed, and began functioning with these as their foundations. These teams have continued to develop in their understanding and execution of effective ministry. The scope of our ministry continues to grow, but as it does, we must also provide adequately for the depth of ministry. Leadership development is, and always will be, a great need in our church.

As we move ever forward as a church, we are striving to grow based on the same purpose and commitments of the first church. At all leadership levels, we are striving to understand our purpose so we might effectively cooperate with God in accomplishing His will. Over these past years we have seen some changes in structure, some changes in methods and certainly new faces, but the foundation of what we’re aspiring to be is a healthy, functional New Testament Church, a disciple-making church.

Be encouraged for God is working at Calvary Baptist. He has promised to be with us in this endeavor!

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