The Blood of Christ Mountains

864f472a-158f-4e48-b68c-32d2d4de1980While on vacation a few summers back, we decided to visit Pike’s Peak. As we were traveling north on Interstate 25, Pike’s Peak became visible in the distance from 50 miles away. It’s not the tallest mountain in Colorado but it stands with the 50 or so that are over 14,000 feet. As we got closer and closer, that peak loomed larger and larger. We had three options to get to the top – hike up it, drive the 19 miles of mountain road and hairpin turns, or take the cog train. We decided to go by train.

The ride is a breath taking hour and twenty minutes of amazing scenery. As you break out of the tree line, you can see for miles. From the top of Pike’s Peak we were told you can see Kansas on a clear day. To the south you could see the partially snow capped peaks of the Sangre de Christos Mountains, the Blood of Christ Mountains, named by the Spanish for the reddish tone during sunrise and sunset.

The Bible speaks a lot of mountains, literally and figuratively. Psalm 121 came immediately to mind, “I lift my eyes unto the mountains, from whence shall my help come? My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.” (NASV) The Creator of these majestic mountain grandeurs will be my helper! How amazing!

And though you can drive to the top of Pike’s Peak, you must turn around and go back the same way. There is no way down the other side. Well there may be a few expert climbers that could traverse it, but ultimately they will reach a time in their life that they must go back down the same way.

Pike’s Peak and the Sangre de Christos Mountains reminded me of my sin. There’s no way over, under, or around. I must keep going back the same way and trying again. However, thanks be to God I can trust in His mountain. The mountain of the Lord is greater that the mountain of my sin. Maybe that’s the real reason they named them the Blood of Christ Mountains. For it is “in Him we have redemption through His blood the forgiveness of sin…” (Eph 1:7) These mountains will pass away, but he who trusts in the Lord will have “an everlasting Rock.” (Is 26:4)

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